Cassandra is Mary's best friend. Mary often says that Cass' hair smells like sunshine.


Cass was described as having a pale face and blonde hair. She was described as very pretty. Her voice was very caring.

The InfectionEdit

Cass visited Mary and brought her dinner when Mary watched her mother turn Unconsecrated. She comforted her until the end.

Travis or Harry?Edit

Cassandra was engaged to Travis, much to the dismay of Mary. When Travis was injured and sent to the Sisterhood Cass visted him frequently. She then bonded with Harry when the two worried about Travis. Cassandra started to fall for Harry but felt ashamed for her feelings. Cassandra even confronts Mary for visiting Travis daily.

The BreachEdit

When the village was breached, Cass, along with Mary, Travis, Harry, Jacob, Jed and Beth escaped the village through the forbidden path. Cass starts to become a little unstable and becomes very motherly to Jacob. After Beth is killed Cassandra takes a turn for the worst.

The Infected VillageEdit

When Mary, Travis, Cass, Harry, Jacob and Jed came to an empty village, a horde of Unconsecrated awoke from their slumber. Cass, Harry, Jed and Jacob were seperated from Mary and Travis. After a few weeks the friends escaped, but Travis was killed in the attempt. Cass snaps and stops talking and becomes very thin.

Returning HomeEdit

The five come to a dead end. Mary tries to convince them that the ocean lies just ahead. Mary runs through the gate into The Forest and Jed follows. Harry, Cass and Jacob then turn around and head home. They reach the village to find that only a handful of the village survived the breach. Harry and Cass marry. Jacob marrys and gives birth to Annah and Abigail (Gabry). When Annah and Abigail go missing with Elias Jacob goes to find them but never returns. The village dies out leaving Cass and Harry alone. Cass dies a year prior to The Dead Tossed Waves in her sleep.

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