Catcher is a boy who is in love with Annah and Abigal. He is an immune (He is immune to mudo bites). He has a sister, Cira , who unfortunatly, is not immune. He comes from Vista, which is by the coast.

The Dead Tossed WavesEdit

Catcher is bitten in a fairground, just after kissing Abigal (Also known as Gabrielle).

He is taken in by Elias, and after a week, is disovered to be an immune.

Then Elias, Abigal, Cira and him go into the forest to find Mary, who has returrned to her own village. It is then revealed that Abigal/ Gabrielle and Annah are twins, and then zombies attack the village.

Then Cira gets bitten, and turns into a mudo. She does this because she is dying anyway, and she thinks that she is immune as well.

Then Elias, Catcher and Abigal run away from the soldiers are chasing then. Elias gets left behind, but Catcher and Abigal make it to the dark city.

The Dark and Hollow Places Edit

Catcher and Abigal get into the Dark City and they get seperated. Catcher found Annah who is Abigal sister. Abigal gets captured so Elias and them go to resue her. they get trapped and they stay there while Catcher runs errunds for the Recuiters and annah and catcher start a romantic relationship